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For many people, preparing their house for sale means only dusting, vacuuming and mopping. In other words, they are selling their house as-is. A couple of things will almost certainly happen:

  • The house languishes on the market for months and eventually the seller cuts the listing price, or worse, it never gets sold.
  • The offers, if any, reflect the as-is condition of the house, which is usually a lot lower than the listing price.
  • The sellers get frustrated because they are getting calls from bargain hunters who are looking for a cheap house to fix them up themselves.

You don't want this to happen to you. Your goal is to sell your house as quickly and as profitably as possible. To do that you'll need to stage your house.

Prepare Your House For Sale is a four-step plan designed to maximize the value of your house. We examine the importance of decluttering, repairing, cleaning and revitalizing. Each step builds on the other to turn your home into the kind of desirable sanctuary that buyers look for in any market condition.

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Generally speaking, you should toss anything that isn’t worth hauling to your new house.
Driveway: patch cracks and holes. Replace when crumbled.
While you may have grown accustomed to your cooking, strong smell from fish, garlic, curry, cabbage and other pungent foods will reach your buyers. Your best bet is to refrain from cooking strong-smelling foods altogether until your house is sold. But if you must then open your windows to air out your house.
Bathrooms: Hang tranquil pictures to help set the tone.
Be prepared to spend a few hours each week maintaining your house while you’re selling it. It doesn’t have to be done on the weekend. In fact, you should stagger the tasks. That way your house isn’t it its worst shape on the Friday before the weekend showing. Share the workload with other family members.
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