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Cleaning your house for sale goes well beyond dusting, mopping and vacuuming. You must clean it like you mean it. You must minutely examine every square inch of your house and restore it to near-new condition. Consider the harsh reality: if something appears dirty or smells bad to you, it will be revolting in the buyers!

The good news is that, as you've decluttered your house, you will find cleaning not nearly as laborious. But just in case, you may want to stock up on your back-pain medicine.

An advantage of a well-cared-for house is that you're less likely to receive a low offer. When buyers can't find faults they focus less on how much money they can squeeze out of you and start thinking that the house is right for them.

If you don't have the time to clean then you should hire a professional. It's a smart investment.

For more examples, check out our advice and tips on replacing the carpets and floors and removing bad smells in your house.

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Items you should consider tossing: clothing and shoes that are out of style.
Porches, Patio and Steps: ensure railings are sturdy. Mend cracked and loose boards.
Light fixtures: remove the light cover (when practical) and bulbs. Clean, dry and replace. Put in new bulbs if necessary.
Lighting: create more light with strategically placed mirrors. Do this sparingly or risk being labeled as the house of mirrors.
Mistake #10: Not paying attention to your house’s curb appeal. You’ve been living inside the box. Go outside and observe your house critically. When the exterior paint is peeling or the yard is left unkempt your buyers will develop a bad after-taste. Once you’ve made a bad impression, it’s hard to recover.
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